Brand: [04]-STUDIOS™
Slogans: Surrounded by Nature, Materializing Ideas.

Where love for nature translates into unique and exclusive covering and what-d'you-call-it items

Multidisciplinary team [04]-STUDIOS™ Based in Trieste, Italy.
Our blueprints are inspired by the beauty of nature, its diverse elements, and shapes.

we strive to create garments and objects that are timeless, comfortable, affordable, and functional.

Sublabel: Surrounded Our "Surrounded" line offers high-quality outdoor clothing and mountain gear. The dedicated logo symbolizes the protection and embrace of nature, ensuring functionality and style in every challenge.

Main Brand: [04] "NATURE" is our line of casualwear and streetwear, inspired by the shapes and colors of nature. Each piece captures the essence of the natural world to become part of your lifestyle.

Sublabel "Materializing Ideas": An innovative collection of objects inspired by nature, capturing the creative essence of our brand [04]-STUDIOS™. Explore the fusion of art and environment through unique pieces that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and its elements and forms.

Each sublabel will be differentiated by its respective colors, logos, and shapes on labels, objects, and creations

Join us and experience the thrill of being truly "Surrounded by Nature.